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Quick Tips for using the discussion software

In the graphic menu bar located near the bottom of most pages (and directly above on this page), you will find many tools or options.

There are several ways of viewing conversations.

Topics This will display the major categories which all the conversations are divided into. This might be a good place to start if you want to ask a specific question.
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Last Week Tree view displays the entries like a root system. Some users may find this format similar to other newsgroups.
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Formatting Your Messages

FormattingAll the formatting commands and how to use them can be located by clicking on the Formatting icon located in the menu bar. It is possible to BOLD, use colors, and even create tables. But here are some quick tips that most people find useful.

Making a web address (URL) clickable:
Type in the full address including http://

The preview will show the link as being highlighted and clickable.

Include an attachment in your posting:
The file maybe any type of file including .doc and picture files. The file size is not limited but please watch your file sizes. These files are displayed as a clickable link which will start the download process. So readers need not download the file unless they are interested, or may choose to do so at their leisure.


Preview/Post the message. A graphic attach box should appear in the message preview. Post the message and you will be prompted for the location and filename. Use browse to locate the file. Click Upload to send the file.

The most common mistakes are using the wrong brackets like [ or ( instead of {, or typing the filename and address in the description area and never uploading the file.

All conversations on this discussion group are private and may not be reproduced or used in any public forum unless explicitly permitted by the individual writer of each message. Final materials for public consumption will be posted in a public area of the site.