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About the NACRI Discussion Board 0   February 13 - 05:06 pm
  Select this topic to find out more about the NACRI Discussion Board and how it works.
NACRI General Announcements 5   February 23 - 04:07 pm
  Please limit use to important announcements like meetings and such. All participants should select to receive automatic emails from this section.
Monitoring Group - Feb. 2001 9   July 31 - 02:45 pm
  A working group to coordinate all monitoring activities and prepare annual report.
Local Fisherman Program - Feb. 2001 1   February 22 - 09:49 am
  Organize an information program for local fisherman, presented by a fisherman from St. Lucia, to illustrate the effectiveness of a no-fishing reserve.
Fish Trap Design - Feb. 2001 3   June 28 - 12:22 pm
  Introduce innovations in fish trap designs.
Sustainable Fisheries - Feb. 2001 0   February 13 - 02:01 pm
  Develop strategies for sustainable fisheries.
Media Campaign Group - Feb 2001 22   March 02 - 10:27 am
  Formulate and implement a media campaign targeting:
- sewage problems on all islands
- the importance of coral reefs
- importantance of our MPAs
- informing yachts and others on MARPOL
Funding committee - Feb. 2001 1   June 29 - 08:58 am
  Appoint funding committee for projects and futher funding of MPAs
Legislative - Feb. 2001 0   February 13 - 02:06 pm
  Legislative committee for improved legislation and enforcement.
Training of MPAs staff, stakeholders, and Educators - Feb. 2001 1   February 23 - 09:16 am
Encourage Code of Conduct for Construction - Feb 2001 1   February 18 - 04:09 pm
  Encourage and assist Education Dept. in incorporating environmental programs and specifically coral reef programs to formal curriculum of all schools.
News and other items of interest 18   July 05 - 01:59 pm
  Please use for news or other information that might be of interest to the general NACRI group. These items may not have a direct relation to any of the current efforts of NACRI participants. i.e. a news item about air pollution
Golf Course - Bonaire - Feb. 22, 2001 8   February 27 - 09:49 am
  Recent remarks by government about liking a golf course to diversfy tourism. Additionally, proposals have been made for Karparta and Harbour Village for golf courses.
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